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STicMOS v1.1

STicMOS v1.1

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Brand : TicWave

THz video capture, calibration and imaging software. STicMOS enables plug-and-play terahertz imaging with the ticmos-1kpx. it includes a variety of visualization and post-processing features to support your measurements.

The software displays, stores and analyzes THz videos captured with the TicMOS-1kpx camera. It supports variable frame rates up to 30 fps and averaging mode for sensitivity optimization. It includes false color coding, fixed pattern noise reduction and auto-scaling of video data. An assisted power calibration mode is also provided for THz power meter applications. Images can be analyzed in terms of their peak power and the videos can be split into regions of interest (sub arrays). The data export supports still images, MPEG-4, and a raw data export in a Matlab data file.


  • 2D false color coding
  • Auto-scaling of image data
  • Assisted power calibration
  • Offset cancellation
  • Integration mode
  • Peak finder
  • Sub-array zoom
  • MPEG-4 video and still image export
  • Trigger input/output control
  • History of peak power
  • Raw data export (Matlab data file)

Test and measurement applications:

  • Free-space power meter (incident power and direction)
  • THz beam-monitoring (power splitting in separate modes)

THz imaging applications:

  • Non-destructive imaging
  • Real-time THz through imaging
  • Light-field imaging*
  • THz computed tomography imaging*
  • Conveyor belt screening

Research and development:

  • Raw image data export can be used to implement customized software

Operating System

Windows 7 or higher


USB 2.0 or higher for camera interface
Dimension (L x W x H) 0 x 0 x 0
Weight 0

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