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SKU : TicKit-CT
Brand : TicWave

Optically aligned cage system for Computed Tomography.

The TicKit-CT includes a fully aligned optical chain in a cage system for Computed Tomography based tera-
hertz volume imaging. The TicSource-0.3T, PTFE lenses, and a TicMOS-1kpx camera are operated in a highly
sensitive focused single-pixel mode to visualize the 3D absorption characteristics of an object. This enables
visualization of objects that are hidden inside materials with low absorption in the terahertz frequency range.
The same setup of objects can be additionally used for imaging based on 2D raster scanning.


  • Camera holder
  • Two convex 5 cm diameter (F# = 3 , F# = 1) PTFE lenses and holders
  • Optical rail based on a cage system (pre-aligned)
  • Illumination source power should be 0.3 mW or higher for best SNR.
  • It requires a TicKit including its components (TicMOS-1kpx, TicSource-0.3T, STicMOS v1.1)
  • Excludes: linear motor stages, motor for object rotation, CT software.


  • Non-destructive volumetric imaging


About 3.7 mm Gaussian beamwidth
Dimension (L x W x H) 50 x 6 x 15 Centimetre
Weight 2 Kilogram

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