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Brand : TicWave

A 1024 Pixel CMOS THz Video Camera. The world‘s first commercial terahertz camera based on a standard CMOS technology with integrated readout electronics.

The camera supports room-temperature real-time sensing of terahertz radiation between 0.1–4 THz. It comprises a 32 x 32 on-chip pixel array that is packaged with a highly directive silicon lens. The TicMOS-1kpx camera module is designed for compactness and ease-of-use. It is controlled by a powerful visualization and post-processing software (see STicMOS v1.1). Featuring a highly sensitive single-pixel mode and a video-mode with up to 30 fps, the camera represents an all-in-one solution for your THz setup.


  • Spatial power sensor applications
  • Real-time THz beam monitoring
  • Polarization-selective THz-sensing
  • Active THz imaging
  • Security screening applications
  • Light-field imaging
  • Antenna pattern measurements
  • THz computed tomography and more

Non video-mode

Responsivity: Rv = 140 kV/W (856 GHz)
Sensitivity: NEP = 100 pW/√Hz (856 GHz, 5 kHz chopping frequency)
Averaged sensitivity: 3.12 pW/√Hz (1024 samples, 856 GHz, 5 kHz chopping frequency)


CMOS chip with 32 x 32 focal plane array
Design center frequency 850 GHz


Usable bandwidth: 0.1–4.0 THz
10 dB bandwidth: 0.3–2.0 THz
3 dB bandwidth: 0.75–1.0 THz


USB 2.0 port
SMA connectors for trigger input/output option

Input power

Should not exceed 1 mW


40 dBi silicon lens (+/– 23 degree field of view at 856 GHz)
Other optics on request available


Responsivity: Rv = 100–200 kV/W (856 GHz)
Integrated sensitivity: NEP = 10–20 nW (856 GHz)
Averaged integrated sensitivity: 312-625 pW (1024 samples, 856 GHz)
Dimension (L x W x H) 5 x 5 x 3 Centimetre
Weight 0.2 Kilogram

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