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  • TicSource-0.3T
  • TicSource-0.3T
  • TicSource-0.3T


SKU : 1002
Brand : TicWave

288 GHz source with up to 0.3 mW radiated power. Single lens optic with 21 dBi silicon lens. USB power supply and modulation input connector (SMA).

The TicSource-0.3T is designed to meet the requirements of sophisticated imaging setups. Being powered through USB, it off ers up to 0.3 mW radiated power at 288 GHz and a TTL input for source chopping up to 100 kHz. The compact housing enables easy integration of the source into imaging setups and retains a small footprint.


21 dBi silicon lens
Other optics on request available


USB powered
SMA connector for chopping with up to 100 kHz (TTL signal)

Output power

Up to 0.3 mW radiated power


Chopping with up to 100 kHz with TTL signal (SMA connector)


Fixed CW at 288 GHz
Dimension (L x W x H) 3 x 3 x 2 Centimetre
Weight 80 Gram

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